The Colorado Irish Festival commemorated its 21st Anniversary in July 2015!

Held in the heather of Clement Park in Littleton, with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountain Highlands, the Colorado Irish Festival celebrates all that is Green. This eclectic gathering of tens of thousands is known throughout the west for its outrageous display of kilts and bagpipes; Gaelic sports and Irish step dancing; and the best Irish rock and classic music this side of the Emerald Isle. The 2015 line up promises to be a memorable weekend of great entertainment.

If you thought St. Patty's was fun, imagine 3 days of non-stop celebration.

Save the date for July 8-10, 2016!
The Paddy 'O! A private, members only area that anyone 21 years of age and older can join.
The Paddy 'O is a fun, raucous place for you and your friends to relax away from the crowds. You will enjoy no lines for drinks, tickets, or the privy! Relax in a private tent providing shade, your own private viewing area of the main stage, food for purchase, and a private bar!
Must be 21 yrs. or older. Tickets Limited!!
Paddy 'O Benefits Include:
Festival Admission (advance purchase only)
Paddy 'O Beverage Tokens
Private Bar
Private Privy
Shade Tent
Private Viewing Area of Main Stage
Special Band Appearance between sets
Special Paddy 'O Member gift
Opportunity to win giveaways

Paddy 'O is open seating. There is no reserved seats.
Come join us at the Paddy 'O to celebrate our inaugural year!
The Craic will be mighty! Tickets will go on sale in February 2016.
Killian's Irish Red
The Colorado Irish Festival is proud to continue serving Killian's Irish Red at this year's event!!!

Coors is a local company, employing over 3,000 people in Colorado and thousands more across the country. Killian's Irish Red has a history very similar to many of us who live here in Colorado, and claim Irish roots. Killian's recipe was born from George Killian in Enniscorthy, Ireland. Just as many of our families have found their way to beautiful Colorado, so too has Killian's Irish Red. In fact, Killian's is brewed right here in Golden, Colorado!
Join us in raising a glass of this finely brewed beer. When you do, we hope you will not only think of its history, but the many Colorado jobs and families it supports.
Read more about beer at the festival...
A little taste of past festival music:
New 2012 Video!
Volunteers are the heartbeat of the festival. Without them, this festival would never happen. Wouldn't you like to get in free, get a great tee shirt, and help out a worthy cause? 2016 Volunteer opportunities for the 2016 event will be available in March 2016.

Colorado Irish Festival News
Colorado Irish Festival is July 8-10, 2016.

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